Ascoli Piceno – a Tripping Around Marche’s saga

Ascoli Piceno è una tra le più belle piccole città d’Italia, e non ne vedo altra che le assomigli

Guido Piovene, “Viaggio in Italia”, 1957


Already builded in the Stone Age, according to old licterature, Ascoli Piceno – even if still it had not its actual name – was created by Saladins, guided by a woodpecker, originating the Picenis with Ascoli as the important center in the Adriatic area during the Roman Age.

In the 80 B.C. it gained the Roman City status and in the end of 49 B.C. Julius Caesar made this city the capital of the region with the epithet Picenum – that’s why Ascoli Piceno (before this post neither I knew this fact).

After two centuries under the Longobard dominion until 789, it was annexed under the first Italian Republic and in the 1860 it became part of the Italian kingdom.

It’s historically relevant the resistance of this city against the German army occupation in 1943.


A city of towers, churches, squares and palaces, Ascoli Piceno’s historic center is covered by a particular kind of stone, that you can find only in the caves near the city, in Italian called “Travertino” .

-Piazza del Popolo

Considered as one of the most wonderful Italian squares, Piazza del Popolo fascinates people for his architectural structure. If you want to enjoy a good aperitif or a typical Italian coffee or cappuccino, that’s the place for you.

-Palazzo dei Capitani

As the civil power symbol for more than seven centuries. It was the place called “People Palace” (Palazzo del Popolo), where the people and associations’ representatives gathered for taking actions and governmental decisions. Then it became the “Municipality Palace” (Palazzo del Comune), burned in 1535. Rebuilted in the following years, is it possible nowadays take a tour inside enjoying the Rinascimental courtyyard, the Sala della Ragione and the Sala degli Stemmi.

-Chiesa di San Francesco

If you’re in Italy it’s actually impossible that you won’t take a look to even a church, so, if you are walking by the street of Ascoli Piceno you should visit the Saint Francis’ Church.

Now stop talking as if I were a genial person (well…actually..) and let’s change the topic!

I think that if you want to know a certain place you have to eat its food. Food is culture guys remember it. So if you are tripping around Ascoli Piceno here’s a “Must to Eat” that you should try for:

-Olive Ascolane

The recepee was created around 1800. Is a mixed meat trapped in a green fried olive. It used to be served during important ceremonies like Christmas, but nowadays you can eat it when you want.

-Cremini Fritti

Another fried finger food (please don’t think that in Ascoli people use to eat only fried stuff…). As the name in Italian suggests, it’s a fried cream with a cubic shape. Usually you can eat it with Olive Ascolane.

-Omelette with Truffle

Do you really want to know what is an Omelette with Truffle?!

Of course there are other delicious foods to eat in this beautiful city but I don’t want to spoiler you too much stuff or you’ll never even think to go there.

That doesn’t mean that this…post(?) is finished. If you come to Italy you absolutely have to drink tipical local wine and eat in a tipical local restaurant, SO…about wine let me use the Gambero Rosso’s guide about wine and restaurant.

In Ascoli Piceno, as in all the other Italian local areas, you can find a great variety of wine, but first, I am NOT a sommelier nor something else so I won’t even try to describe a wine or whatever. Today i suggest you:

– Rosso Piceno

Produced in Santa Maria In Carro, near Ascoli Piceno by the “Ciù Ciù” factory, helded by Bartolomeis’ brothers. Ask for a taste and if you want, also try the Montepulciano.

– Passerina

Produced in Ripatransone by “La Cantina dei Colli Ripani”, is one of the most knowed wine producers in Marche.


Produced in Castel di Lama by the “Cantina De Angelis”. With its big area, a great variety of wine grapes and two generations of wine producers, it’s possibile to taste the best red wine of this area, first of all: the Anghelos.

Let’s talk about tipical local restaurant now.


There you can feel the seaside near to you. Located in San Benedetto del Tronto, near Ascoli Piceno, in the menù you can find both tipical local recipe and creative ones that will get a good surprise in your mouth. Try the boiled chicken with tomatoes and olive oil or the fusilli (pasta spiral) with broccoli, squid and clam.

-Oasi degli Angeli

Located in Cupra Montana and owned by Marco Casolanetti and his wife Eleonora Rossi, is a particular restaurant open only two evenings a week, that means that you should book a table a bit of time in advance but what you’ll eat is really something. Starting with the great variety of salami and the cold and hot starters the best shot of this restaurant is absolutely the meat, both red and the white ones are prepared according to the tipical cooking style.

Well…I’ve finshed for now…I hope you’ve enjoyed this first…babbling and I hope you’ll come to read the ones that will come…sooner than this…hopely ;)!

see ya,



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