Around Marche, the place not everybody knows but that everybody should know because…because!

Ladies and Gentleman, friends, foes, things able to read this…thing,

From today ‘til I’ll finish the ideas, I’d like to talk to you about the place where I suppose to be…the moon…no well…actually is not so far but…well…

By the way, i’m sure that every body know Lazio region for Rome or Tuscany for Florence, but do you know Marche region? Do you know why and for what is it famous?

I’m quite sure that most of you doesn’t know this place where I suppose to live.

That’s why from today I’ll talk to you about the cities, big and small, that are famous for a thing or another.

First of all let me tell you about this region.

this is the shape of the Marche region. The city where i live is near Ancona
the symbol in the Marche’s flag

Let me tell you first that we have the sea near from us, but is not a beautiful sea as in Sicily or Sardinia, we have mountains but they’re not so high as the ones in the north of Italy, as people say here “non siamo né carne né pesce”, that means that we have everthing but nothing at the same time.

Marche is formed by five big cities: Pesaro Urbino, Ascoli Piceno, Macerata, Fermo and the county town Ancona.

About economy this region is famous for high specialized little – medium industries like leather industries, foot wear industries, naval industries and for paper industries -Fabriano Paper is one of the most famous in Italy for its quality.. Moreother, Marche is the third fishfarm region behind Sicily and Puglia.

Historically speaking Marche is important for the final battle for the Italian unification in 1860, held in Castelfidardo, for a popular revolt called “the red week” -not like the red wedding if you consider the direwolves-, the “revolt of bersaglieri(members of rifle regiment in Italian army)” and is it know for having one of the biggest groups in the resistance during the Second World War.

If you want to know more about it just ask me and i’ll collect all the information for satisfying your questions -i won’t search for it on wikipedia i swear!-

Well for today that’s all folks! With my next post I’ll talk about one of the peculiar and famous cities in this amazing region but if you want to know about one of them just tell me.

Your neighborhood friend say hello to you all

see ya 😉



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